Saturday, July 19, 2008

Person of the week ... kinda

This week we honor Aleksey Vayner. Who is Aleksey Vayner you ask? According to Mr. Vayner he is many things ... all of them awesome. According to the rest of the world he is a liar and a fraud. One thing he is not though, is made up. As much as you hope this is a satire or a farce, this is very very real. This is his video résumé he sent to UBS AG...

Online Videos by

Amazing right? Cannot be real, right? Sadly, it is. And sadly those were no way near 140 mph serves. How do we know it is real? Because Mr. Vayner (formerly Mr. Garber) sued UBS AG after its release onto the world wide web. He is now a "published" author ... he self published online. The book may or may not be a complete fabrication, including the cover art. Read his wikipedia article for more.

This video is so good that Michael Cera made a satire of it. That is right Michael "The most adorable person in the world" Cera.

Mr. Vayner, as MR. Garber, was so ridiculous that his visit to Yale prompted a writer for the school paper to mock him in an article titled "Craaazy Prefosh Lies, Is Just Weird" (page 12). While this made me initially think it was a giant Yale hoax, the recent book claims and the lawsuits make it unlikely.

Some personal favorite lies by Vayner include: The Dalai Lama wrote him a college recommendation, he worked for the CIA, and he was a model for Saks Fifth Avenue.

Here's to you Mr. Vayner ... you crazy bastard. Never let the truth stop you from achieving fame.

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